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Hidden Splendour
Hidden Splendour - A guide to the natural history of the Kalahari and surrounds. T. Anderson (Ed.)

This guide is written in a popular style for the layman and amateur naturalist. It offers detailed information on the natural history of the Kalahari and surrounds. It should be of value to those with a passion for plant and animal life, and anyone with an interest in the environment and conservation.

The guide includes:

  • sections on the landscape, early travellers, mineral wealth, water sources and archaeology of the Northern Cape north of the Orange River;
  • descriptions of the National Parks, Nature Reserves and conservation areas, and sites of special interest to visit;
  • interesting information on the various vegetation types, plant species and the animal life that is found in each vegetation type;
  • an interesting range of colour photographs, colour paintings, black & white sketches, and colour maps illustrating the above;
  • checklists of the common birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plants; and
  • useful contact addresses and further reading for additional information.
  • A5 size; 80pp; paperback. Price R35.00 excl postage. To place orders, contact se@museumsnc.co.za, or Tel. +27 53 8392717 or kmgbot@museumsnc.co.za, Tel. +27 53 8392713.

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