3 January 2008
I visited Kamfers Dam with Tania. Greeting us was a number of very small Lesser Flamingo chicks on the island!! We were absolutely ecstatic! The island was jam packed with flamingos and it was difficult to see beyond the first row or two of birds. At any one time we could see a maximum of six chicks, but there are probably dozens. Very importantly is that the island is covered with Lesser Flamingos on nests (and we could see many eggs, with perhaps 50 being visible from the mainland). It was difficult to estimate the number of flamingos on nests, but there is a minimum of several hundreds and possibly thousands (at a guesstimate, Id say somewhere between 1000 and 3000, but I may be wrong). This is a VERY significant conservation event, as the island is now the only the fourth breeding site for Lesser Flamingos in Africa, and only the sixth site in the world.

The 1st image of a chick on the island - 3 January

The island on 3 January