18 and 19 January 2008
I counted 363 chicks on 18 January. There were two small crèches, one on south-eastern edge of island and other on northern side of island. On 19 January 2008, I counted 354 chicks, but many were probably hidden behind the mass of adult flamingos. I could see dozens of eggs and many birds are still incubating.

Large numbers of small grey chicks were seen on 18 Januuary

16 January 2008
At 09h00 on 16 January I counted 193 Lesser Flamingo chicks. As only 10-20% of the surface area of the island is visible from the viewing area, there could therefore be in excess of 1000 chicks. Many, many adults are still incubating eggs. Through my spotting scope I really enjoyed watching the activities of the flamingos on the island. Some chicks were taking their first swim in the dam and others were being fed by their parents. As Lesser Flamingos only breed on vast pans and lakes in Africa, I wondered whether anyone else had the opportunity to watch the breeding activities of Lesser Flamingos, especially from so close.