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Welcome to Anderson Africa
Mark and Tania Anderson are biologists and conservationists. They are based in Kimberley, the country’s historic diamond city.

Mark is an ornithologist and is employed as Executive Director of BirdLife South Africa. In his previous position with the Northern Cape Department of Tourism, Environment & Conservation, he worked on raptors, large terrestrial birds and waterbirds. Mark’s favourite birds are vultures and he is a world authority on the biology and conservation of Old World vultures. He has been studying African White-backed Vultures for 16 years.

Tania is a botanist and she is employed by the McGregor Museum. She has extensive knowledge about the Northern Cape’s flora, but with a special interest in succulent and threatened plants.

Mark and Tania are passionate conservationists and during the past 18 years they have actively campaigned for the conservation of the Northern Cape’s magnificent biodiversity. They enjoy travelling, especially to the remote areas of southern Africa (and further afield in Africa). They are experienced photographers and their natural history images have featured in articles, calendars and books.

This website describes their work and showcases some of their images.


Mark D. Anderson
E-mail: mark@andersonafrica.co.za
Mobile: +27-(0)82-7880961

Tania A. Anderson
E-mail: tania@andersonafrica.co.za
Mobile: +27-(0)83-2567402

Postal address: P.O. Box 10469, Beaconsfield, Kimberley 8315, Northern Cape, South Africa

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